funny how i meet friends (not from dance) in school and they’re like - oh! you’re still dancing/with emix?

and i’m momentarily lost for words - errr yeahhh

they go - oh for fun huh

and i agree because yes it is for fun but not simply because. i don’t go down randomly to dance only because it is fun. i want to grow and improve so honestly i can declare this is a passion, not just “fun”.

unfortunately this passion keeps conflicting with what i feel are my obligations as a exemplary daughter/student.

— 1 year ago

我要离去 别再哭泣
不要伤心 请你相信我
要等待 我的爱
听 鸟儿歌唱的声音
听我说声 我爱你

— 1 year ago

ahma i’m sorry i couldn’t keep my promise in the end. 

thank you for being my protector, my parent, my caretaker, my comfort. thank you for loving me.

don’t go yet.

— 1 year ago

the sun’s so bright I can’t keep from crying
but I keep walking

— 1 year ago